Clothing Kanji

Clothing Kanji is a brand of streetwear inspired by Japanese fashion and anime culture that was created in partnership with Nathan Donnelly in 2018.

The idea for the brand generated during long nights of searching for reputable brands of anime inspired clothing that replicated the modern Japanese streetwear styles in niche fashion. Unfortunately at the time, none of those companies existed. The closest that we discovered during our research period was a company called Sugoi Shirts, an anime t-shirt brand based out of New York advertising that it was just one man with a paid Shopify subscription (and considering the search traffic he had for the niche, it was actually pretty impressive).

Most of the market was dominated by people selling their own, or illegally reproduced screenshots of other artist’s work sublimated onto articles of clothing by companies like Print All Over Me, and RedBubble.

With a gap in the market for a brand of original and legally printed streetwear, Clothing Kanji was born.

Over the next few months, we worked together with Donnelly to design his line of clothing; envision the funnel and sales process of his website, and then build out the platform on WooCommerce for WordPress.

To this day we’re still involved in the creation process of every season and release of his unique apparel, page structure and SEO, digital advertising campaigns and more.

If you’d like more info on our involvement with Clothing Kanji, feel free to send us an email at [email protected].