Jelifysh is a brand of ultra-durable neoprene playmats made with Jelifysh’s signature technology that is being developed in partnership with Okay Company.

When we were pitched the idea of helping handle the brand and web development for Jelifysh, we were shocked at the amount of effort that went into developing something you would think would be so simple and was surprised that it had never been done before.

It was crazy that no one had the technology that they use to make their premium playmats, and how perfectly they work. We knew that these guys could be the Razer of the playmat world and everyone at our office uses a Jelifysh playmat as a mousepad now.

There is still a lot more work we’re doing for these guys, but if you want to get an inside scoop on the work we’re handling for them, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] for more information.