Urban Woodcraft

Urban Woodcraft is a brand of modern rustic home furniture that is headquartered in Vaughan, Ontario.

In 2017, Okay was hired to work on Urban Woodcraft by Kapetel Inc. Sales Group, the brand’s parent company.

What we did for Urban Woodcraft was rebuild their entire website to follow a complex re-imagining of the brand’s image; implement scalable, manageable and best-practice SEO tactics to improve their local presence; and kick-start their online digital advertising campaigns to capitalize on their growing market across Canada and the United States.

Urban Woodcraft is not an e-commerce business though, and the majority of their business comes from online furniture retailers like Costco, Wayfair, and All That’s Good. They also have a storefront and walk-in showroom located next office headquarters for their customers in the GTA.

The campaigns that we created for them were designed to create and drive sales leads targeting local customers to visit their showroom, all the while funneling other leads outside of the region to their online retailers.

We did a lot of graphic design and wrote a ton of copy for this project. Every product name, description, and all the meta information for their websites was either carefully created or revamped based on a combination of trending searches and a GAP analysis of their competitors.

If you’d like to get a more in-depth understanding of the work that we did for them, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected].

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